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The Sinner Saints

The men of Macmillan Security are sure they’ve seen and done it all…but they have no idea how difficult—or dangerous—a case can be until they meet the women who challenge their hearts.



After years of heading an elite Special Forces unit, nothing ever gets past Carter Macmillan…until the night slick-talking reporter, Ally Weaver, gives him the slip. 

Ally Weaver is used to following the story, but she’s never had a lead blow up on her before…literally. Now one of her confidential sources has been murdered, and she’s determined to find out why. But Ally can’t risk drawing anyone else into this violent mess…no matter how skilled--or gorgeous--he may be. 

But a girl can’t always get what she wants. And when the pair find themselves thrust into the crosshairs of a corrupt politician who would do anything to stay in power, they must work together to expose a deadly conspiracy before they become the next victims. But while both Ally and Carter are willing to put their lives on the line to discover the truth, neither is prepared for the danger the other poses to their heart. 



No one understands secrets like Rhys Vaughn. Known for his cold efficiency, he’s notorious for having been the best Special Forces interrogator in the field. There’s no one he can’t break…until Rhys comes face to face with injured scientist, Tessa Rosenthal, the only person who has ever managed to see past his frigid shell. 

Despite his icy exterior, Tessa Rosenthal desperately wants to trust the striking man who rescues her from a hellish nightmare...but she doesn’t dare. After being unwittingly recruited to create a deadly weapon, it’s up to Tessa to destroy it before it can be unleashed on the public. She can’t risk making any more mistakes, and needs to listen to her head…no matter what her heart tells her. 

But secrets have a way of coming back to haunt you. And when demons from both Tessa’s and Rhys’ past threaten the fragile bond that they’ve built, the pair will have to come together to redeem their former sins if they have any hope of surviving to create a future together. 



Ex-Special Forces operative Jake Thorne has never backed down from a fight…not until the day that a momentary lapse of judgment led to tragedy. Since then he’s been hiding at the bottom of a bottle, far away from the pity of those closest to him. But all that changes the night a beautiful stranger crashes his lonely roadhouse booth pleading for his help. 

Art historian Verity Green is a woman on a mission—one she knows she can’t take on alone. Her brother has stolen a cache of priceless antiquities, and, judging from the way the rugged bruiser can throw a punch, Jake Thorne is just the man to help her retrieve the ancient treasures…if only she can convince him to take the job. 

But no man can outrun his past, and it doesn’t take long for Verity’s simple plan to turn complicated. Once the bullets start flying, Verity and Jake are thrown a little too close together, leaving Verity to wonder if she’s taken on the right man for the job, or more trouble than her heart can handle. 



After a wildly successful career in Special Forces, Mason Wright has come to believe that there is no puzzle he can’t solve, no problem he can’t fix, no person he can’t charm. But all that changes the day he’s assigned the task of stopping suspected cat burglar Sara Baumgartner from stealing one of the world’s most famous pieces of jewelry. 

Not only is Sara the first person he’s met that seems immune to all his moves, she also swears up and down that she isn’t a criminal. But even if the intriguing stranger is telling the truth, Mason can tell that Sara is harboring a terrible secret—the kind that could land her in the morgue if she isn’t careful. And Mason isn’t about to let that happen…no matter the cost to his pride or his heart. 



Bowie Tamatoa is used to flying solo. After an infamous Special Forces career, he’s far more comfortable keeping his emotions under wraps and letting his fists do the talking. But every fortress has a weak spot, and Bowie is no different. 

IT genius, Charlie Keswick might be the heart and soul of Macmillan Security, but she’s also the only woman who’s dared to look past Bowie’s beastly façade to the man underneath. So one night when Charlie arrives on Bowie’s doorstep after being chased by government-sponsored assassins, Bowie knows that he’ll do anything to keep her safe…no matter how uncomfortable it might make him. 

But as the danger around them grows, Bowie and Charlie are forced closer than ever, and Bowie finds himself facing a difficult choice--bare his soul and fight for a future with Charlie, or protect his heart and take his secrets to the grave. 

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